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  • Dong Tian & Zhanyun Duan, West Windsor Taekwondo & Kickboxing Academy Testimonials

    It’s so hard for us to say goodbye to you! We still remember the day when Yufei started Little Dragon Class four years ago, he was shy with poor English and knew nothing about Tae Kwon Do. We cannot believe how much Yufei has learned under your instruction. You are such a great instructor, always knowing how to motivate the kid to go forward, to challenge himself. Also, the tournaments provide Yufei great experience, to enjoy his success and face his failure too. The 5 tenets have been helping Yufei to build up his personality. Yufei is now much more open and much more self-confident. Moreover, Master Steven sets a great example not only for Yufei, but also for us---- You are not only responsible for the kids in the school, but also responsible for your family! You are such a perfect man! It's a pity we have to move and Yufei has to leave his beloved Tae Kwon Do School and Master Steven, but we will miss you and Ms. Jenn and all the families in Tae Kwon Do School!

    Dong Tian & Zhanyun Duan
  • I regret to inform you that Arianna will no longer be attending the academy. Although bittersweet, we have recently relocated from our apartment complex to our first new home. We are sad to leave many friends behind, however this is a wonderful achievement for our family and we look forward to our new life. Our family would like to thank everyone at West Windsor Taekwondo Academy for giving Arianna a sense of belonging and encouragement. These past couple of years she has developed much courage, confidence, discipline, and perseverance, which is largely attributed to all she has learned at the academy.   Once again, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude.

    David Ceballos
  • I am truly feeling sad to have written this email, but Sameer will be leaving TaeKwonDo. I am hoping that maybe after a couple of months he can come back. All of you have become such a big part of our lives and I will definitely miss seeing you. We'll definitely come by to visit. Thank you for all your support, teaching and love. Sameer has gained so much from you Master Steven. Not just Tae kwon do. You have given him confidence in himself, courage to stand up for himself, which no one else could have taught him that. Jen, thank you so much for everything you did for us. I'm not going to say goodbye, because I'm hoping that we will be back for classes. Please continue to include us in your mailing list. :)

  • A big thanks for supporting Anika in her journey for black belt. Her pride and sense of achievement in finally doing it was obvious and I felt that so overwhelmed since she is not easily pleased with herself usually. It would not have been possible without you pushing her beyond her limits and supporting her though rough patches. Also, you did not make it any trivial for kids and they really understand the significance of preparation now.

  • Please accept my appreciation for the support and encouragement you continue to show to Michael in class as well as in his endeavors outside of the academy. As always, thank you for continuously setting an example of integrity, kindness and respect in your classes.

  • Dear Master Steven and Miss Jenn -

    Thank you for the many years you have given me since 2009. I’m really grateful for everything you taught me in TaeKwonDo and developing manners. Since I started TaeKwonDo it has improved my life physically and mentally. Although TaeKwonDo was an important part of my schedule, now that I am in High School activities have been piling up on my back more and more. I also really appreciate you helping and supporting me when I was there. Again, thank you for all 6 years of TaeKwonDo! Wishing you a Happy Holiday!


    Eric Lin

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