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West Windsor Little Dragons Classes

Beginner Little Dragons Classes Enrolling In May

students in little dragons  in West Windsor - West Windsor Taekwondo & Kickboxing Academy

Set your kids up for success with the exciting Little Dragons classes at West Windsor TaeKwonDo & Kickboxing Academy! From giving kids an amazing workout and teaching them important life skills like leadership, goal-setting and self-control, to giving kids impressive self-defense skills, our Little Dragons classes for kids pack a serious punch!

For children between 4½ and 6 years of age, we offer a special half-hour class – called the Little Dragons. These classes emphasize balance, coordination and development of focus. Students learn a variety of self-defense techniques, the 5 Tenets of TaeKwonDo, and a basic exercise regimen that gets them ready to join the Beginner Class.


The Little Dragon program at West Windsor TaeKwonDo & Kickboxing will get your child moving with fun martial arts exercises that kids love—from chopping, blocking and kicking, your child will be jumping for joy! And as your child is enjoying a lifetime of fun with each class, the benefits of the martial arts will begin to take hold. Just take a look:

  • Your child’s self-respect and self-confidence will skyrocket
  • Your child will learn how to handle tough situations and stranger danger
  • We’ll teach your child the basics of martial arts in a fun and comfortable setting
  • Your child will develop strong concentration skills that will help in school
  • Your child’s behavior will improve as we’ll help release pent-up energy


Enrolling your child into the Little Dragons classes at West Windsor TaeKwonDo & Kickboxing Academy is a great move—from giving your child a fun, healthy activity, to helping your child learn important self-defense skills that no child should be without, there are plenty of great reasons to get started right away—and with new Little Dragons classes starting this month, you can!

To find out more about this limited-time special, just complete the brief, no-obligation contact form on this page. When you do, we’ll send you all the information you need to jump on this incredible opportunity to introduce your child to the martial arts with West Windsor’s Little Dragons classes!

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