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New Jersey Taekwondo Kickboxing Academy

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About Our School

As your kids learn the martial arts at West Windsor TaeKwonDo & Kickboxing Academy, they’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits that our classes have to offer. Here are just a few:

Better behavior as your kids release pent-up energy
Improved listening and concentration skills that lead to better grades in school
Stronger muscles and cardiovascular function that leads to improved health
Superior coordination, flexibility and balance

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Most parents insist on the best for their kids, and when it comes to selecting extracurricular activities, there’s no better choice than the Kids Martial Arts classes at West Windsor Tae kwon do & Kickboxing Academy!

All of our Kids Martial Arts classes are taught by Master Steven who brings over 30 years of Martial Arts knowledge and experience to teaching the Korean Martial Art of TaeKwonDo combined with the basic elements of kickboxing to our students. His version of Tae Kwon Do emphasizes development of a strong body and a focused mind.

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West Windsor TKD & Kickboxing Academy’s Kids Martial Arts classes are a fun and exciting way to teach your child the important life skills and work ethic they need as they mature into young adults and beyond. They’ll develop self-defense and take part in a fun, effective workout that will leave them confident and healthy while they train to become black belts


The Leadership program is designed to help our students obtain greater success in all areas of their lives. The program is based on years of experience and has been used in creating some of the world’s finest martial artists. Leaders are not born, they are created—created with physical, mental, and philosophical experiences, such as those provided in our leadership program.

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My kids LOVE your class!
May 21, 2018

My kids LOVE your class! They really enjoy it and obviously learned a lot. I have never seen them as excited for any other things they have done. You are a great instructor.

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