Parents Train Free!

Just for parents..If you have a child enrolled in classes at the Academy, you
are invited to join our Adult TaeKwonDo & Kickboxing Program FOR FREE!! You would have to purchase a uniform and, when appropriate, Boxing Gloves and/or Sparring Gear, but the program will be TUITION FREE so long as you have a child enrolled in classes here. Whether you want to learn TaeKwonDo and pursue a Black Belt, or just want to improve your fitness level, this 60 minute workout produces results unlike any other workout available today.

Each class will include some combination of work on the heavy bags, focus pads and shadow boxing which will help to perfect technique as well as provide an understanding of where the moves
come from and which body part it will enhance. The release experienced when you hit the bag intensifies the workout while helping to relieve stress and strengthen and tone all parts of the body. Balance, coordination, and an increase of energy are just a few of the ways in which this Program will help to improve all aspects of your life. Try two classes for Free, to see if you like it!